As sustainability issues take precedence globally, traditional and modern designers see buying choices making a massive difference to a collective way of thinking. Designers that are ahead of the trends and prepared with an 'eco vision' will be the ones that thrive. See how you can participate and contribute to making a change in your sphere of influence today...

What is TIDMA?

TopEco Interior Designer Member's Association benefits eco-aware suppliers, manufacturers, green architects and specialist interior designers alike. 

TIDMA is like an online matching service that brings exceptionally talented designers and architects together with high-end, skilled artisans and manufacturers from all over the world - all with one vision in mind, sustainability.

Why Are You Important?

With the help of your valued participation, we aim to bring about greater awareness of the need for more sustainable, toxic-free furniture and decor in the home and working environments. Your participation ensures the use of eco-friendly alternatives at all residential and commercial development stages, from planning and construction to design and furnishing.

TIDMA Constitution

The TIDMA Constitution helps you:

 * Understand your role within our community and show how you can help and guide others.

 * Reference and resolve problems in times of controversy.

 * Show outsiders, especially potential funders, clients and backers, that you are part of a democratic and accountable association.

 * Make decisions based on straightforward procedures.

Take a look at the TIDMA constitution
The TIDMA Constitution - written with you in mind...

TopEco Home Limited is registered in England and Wales under company number 12783756 at a registered address in Poole, Dorset UK
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