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Thank you for allowing us to present a genuine and unique opportunity to change the lives of many thousands of others and make a real difference for our future generations.

With the help of your valued contribution, we aim to bring about greater awareness of the need for more sustainable, toxic-free furniture and decor in the home and working environments. Your participation ensures the use of eco-friendly alternatives at all stages of residential and commercial development, from planning, construction, design and furnishing. 

"Even small changes in our buying choices can make a big difference for our next generation of children and animals utilising our world for their ongoing well-being." Kerry Greener - TopEco Home

Before going ahead and agreeing to be a TIDMA sponsor, here are 

10 essential questions to ask yourself before accepting a sponsorship deal:

1) Why Be a TIDMA Sponsor? What's in it for Me?

The advantage of having a good sponsorship deal in place is a win-win for both parties involved. Not only does a good sponsorship help future relations, understanding each other's goals and preparing accordingly in advance makes complete financial sense for businesses wishing to get more brand awareness and increase sales with a target demographic.

Whether you decide to provide an injection of cash, gifts in kind or offer fresh eyes on a brand is your choice. However, knowing what's in it for you and your company beforehand makes financial sense. It is also a sound investment of time and resources.

2) What is Your Target Market, and Can Your Sponsorship Deal Get In Front of the Right Demographics For Your Product or Service?

The TIDMA target demographic consists of the following audience:

  • ABC1s:
    A - upper middle class, higher managerial, administrative or professional
    B - middle class, intermediate managerial, administrative or professional
    C1 - lower middle class, supervisory or clerical, junior managerial, administrative or professional
  • Early investors for rapid expansion plans. (e.g. eco-business parks, large-scale, sustainable residential developments)
  • Social media influencers - specialising in eco-friendly relationships, such as those with connections to environmentally aware royalty, celebrities or sports personalities with a planet-conscious voice.
  • Loyal customers - wanting to support a proactive industry leader in low-impact, sustainable development projects.
  • Press and media staff - writing on behalf of and appealing to a new generation of carbon-footprint cognizant readers.
  • Sustainability Champions - and expert member speakers from www.sustainabledorset.org.

Most of the audience will attend through online PR campaigns, social media activity, other member portals, networking and events, email marketing and direct contact, physical and over the phone. All campaigns target exceptionally high-end, earth-conscious individuals representing a more prominent cross-section of humanitarians who lead the way in sustainable design.

All TIDMA events aim to convert attendees to members and build long term customer relationships between those members.

Please take a look at the TIDMA Constitution to see what we are all about...

Read the TIDMA Member Constitution to learn more about our mission, ethos and future vision for all our members
Read the TIDMA Member Constitution to learn more about our mission, ethos and future vision for all our members.

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3) When and Where is the Event Held? How Long Is It Set to Last?

Knowing the answers to the above questions before the event might seem obvious, but confirmation of the exact date, location, and duration is particularly important. Learning these fundamentals is especially significant when establishing if the right person representing your company can physically attend the event.

4) What Is the Schedule or Program of Activities Planned?

Having a clear vision of the event programme will dictate how many people you may wish to attend representing your company. It also gives you an idea of what materials or literature you may need to bring with you to appeal to a specific audience and when. 

TIDMA Networking Venue - Beach House, Swanage
TIDMA Networking Venue - Beach House, Swanage - Find Out More

In other words, knowing how you wish to interact with other members means TIDMA representatives can make necessary introductions for you on the day to ensure maximum engagement. For example, a sustainable chair manufacturer may want to be introduced to an interior designer specialising in contract furniture for the boutique hotel market and will therefore have a case study prepared with wood and upholstery product samples to showcase too.

5) How Much is it Going to Cost?

Depending on the event, TIDMA has different requirements from each sponsor. We usually offer tiered sponsorship packages as they allow you to pick a package that suits your financial allowance. It's also worth bearing in mind that sponsorship costs can soon mount up when you factor in:

  • Travel
  • Hotel costs
  • Employee expenses, including wages
  • Printed marketing, including pop-up banners, t-shirts and branded merchandise
  • Event tickets (if applicable)
  • Furniture & decor for a booth or stand
  • Competition prizes
  • Product showcase donations and shipping

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6) How Can You Be a Supportive Sponsor?

As well as your company marketing strategy showcasing your involvement in any TIDMA high profile event, understand that TIDMA will also do the same. We include our partner sponsor's details on our website, press release copy, and on all our social channels. We also advertise our platinum sponsors on printed marketing materials, including pop-up banners and branded merchandise. 

Create Greener Connections With TIDMA
Create Greener Connections With TIDMA - Become a Member Today

Think about the 'extras' you can offer too. For instance, you could include an upcoming TIDMA event on your website, contribute to specific marketing costs, or allow access to each others customer database or attendee list. 

TIDMA automatically supplies sponsors a spreadsheet of attendees so you can correspond with them later on a more sophisticated lead generation strategy. 

7) How Many Direct Leads Can We Generate From a TIDMA Event?

For the most part, sponsorship is about numbers. However, TIDMA members are more likely to benefit from playing a 'long game'. Relationships in a higher-end market tend to take longer to nurture and come to fruition. Understanding the following stats may give you more insight into your decision-making process.

As TIDMA is a new member portal with unprecedented mechanisms, we can't give you attendance figures for past events. However, Kerry Greener and Bridie Chandegra, the MDs of TopoEco Home Limited, Easy Vegan Limited, Greener Design Limited, The Galloping Gourmet and TIDMA member Association, are experienced securing full capacity turnouts.

Build Better Business Relationships - Become a Sponsor

Event conversion rates are relevant to your specific industry and range from 10% to 20%. Long-range conversion rates increase depending on future event involvement and further TIDMA membership networking. Remember to ask yourself; no matter how much you may love the idea and ethos of a TIDMA event, the deal's value needs to stack up with your business model and strategic marketing plan.

Always Get an Invite - Become a TIDMA Sponsor

TIDMA aims to gather very intense feedback after every event to ensure every sponsor achieves the maximum value for their input for all future endeavours and membership offerings.

8) What are the Fringe Benefits?

Sponsorship is never just about selling to the room. When deciding what events to sponsor, look closely at how the collaboration will impact your brand positioning. 

Ask yourself: 

  • Will our involvement increase brand awareness and create preference?
  • Could the event act as corporate hospitality to bolster relations with clients? 
  • Will your sponsorship benefit the local or international community?
  • Will TIDMA events, conferences and membership allow you to show people how brilliant your employees are and how your company culture is at the heart of your recent successes?

9) How Can We Get Involved?

Advertising and promotion are becoming increasingly about real-world experiences. TIDMA sponsorship packages reflect that sentiment entirely. 

That is why we are planning plenty of upselling, cross-selling and direct promotional opportunities for sponsors with:

  • Sponsored workshops
  • Product demonstrations
  • Dedicated speaking engagements
  • Plus, a wide range of channels to communicate with other like-minded members.

Learn More About Our Sponsorship Packages - Register as a Sponsor Today

10) How Will Sponsorship Drive ROI for Your Company Partners and Sponsors?

Every successful company has a good sponsorship program behind it, whirring away in the background, and yours will be no different. TIDMA knows the importance of ROI on any injection of cash, donation or product placement. 

Uncertain and changing times means that sustainable innovation is more relevant than ever
Uncertain and changing times means that sustainable innovation is more relevant than ever - Check out The Sustainable Futures Report

Working with our experts, brand trackers, fan surveys and online and in-venue questionnaires, you can very quickly establish metrics to measure your sponsorship ROI.

Be aware that between us we can also measure:

  • Brand impressions - onsite, social media mentions, PR releases, online activity through emails, SMS messages etc.
  • The number of new leads generated - Including event attendees and referrals from other participants. Online registrations via social media callouts and event collaterals such as brochures and company swag also count.
  • Lead quality/position - How many decision-makers are present? What is the projected revenue potential? The more high quality leads an event creates, the more valuable your company gains.
  • Onsite purchases/opt-ins - Actual sales generated or accounts won during an event.
  • Click-through rate - Audience engagement with post-event-related content is easily quantifiable and is used to identify what your prospects like or dislike.
  • Email open rate - Gauging the percentage of your subscriber base who find your event-related messaging relevant leads to more successful upselling as you can target a segmented audience much better.
  • Website visits - The bump in user traffic directly triggered by event-related activities can be tracked and monitored with very successful outcomes.
  • Social media interaction - Social media users respond to your brand messaging via their likes, shares, comments, retweets, and other actions. Events always raise intrigue as people like to be a part of something exciting.
  • Customer feedback - The level of satisfaction attendees feel about an event usually reveals their expectations for future events.

And there you have it.

Being a TIDMA sponsor is a win-win. 

What have you got to lose?

Register your interest in the form below, and we'll send you details about the next steps.


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